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Third Party Software

For Adagio

Softrak Systems works closely with Third Party software developers to integrate their products and services with Adagio. This page includes a comprehensive list of all current compatible Third Party companies and products which can be used to enhance the functionality of Adagio.. click here for more info.

Things to consider:
Company Web Page Products That Work With Adagio (PDF)
21st Century US Payroll
EDI Translator for Adagio Accounting
WMS for Adagio Accounting
Toolkit for Adagio

National Accounts for Adagio
Data Conversion
Customization of Adagio

POS and SerialTracker
Purchase Orders and Inventory Tools
LinXship Carrier Management
LinXware CRM
Paymate US & Canadian Payroll
PayDirt Payroll
Electronic Payments
shadowSafe - Backup and Disaster Recovery
Printing Solutions and Blank Checks