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Comprehensive and evolving software

Boasting a client base of 36 000, Acomba has been the standard in accounting software for SMBs for over 25 years. Designed to meet the demands of the SMB environment, Acomba is more than just a simple accounting tool, and its modular structure allows the user to progressively develop his/her own management system as the company’s business needs evolve.

Accounting software used by 40,000 SMBs
Completely updated software
Customer and supplier management

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Acomba for PCs, Macs and tablets
Round-the-clock remote accesss
Simultaneous multi-user access

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Affordable, secure online store
Transactions directly linked to Acomba Inventory
Professional-quality Website
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acomba transaction acomba mobile acomba payroll
Point of sale, touch screen
Integrated payment solution
Acomba X Accounting Suite included

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Project management for PCs, Macs and tablets
Work in progress

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Payroll management
Centralized dataon

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