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Adagio in the Cloud

Adagio is now available as a hosted solution. As long as your accounting and management personnel have Internet access, they can login to Adagio conveniently from anywhere, at anytime. Whether your are processing transactions in the office, reviewing quarter-end sales reports at home, or performing inventory stock-taking at a remote warehouse, Adagio In The Cloud is the reliable choice.

Adagio In The Cloud includes Ledger and Financial Reporter, Receivables, Payables and BankRec. We have a large network of partners that can migrate data from other accounting systems and spreadsheets into Adagio, and help you get up-and-running quickly.

The trend for cloud-based applications continues to build momentum. Companies recognize that the lifecycle of servers and related equipment is typically 18 months. The cost of I.T. personnel to manage the software and hardware infrastructure is high.  Cloud computing becomes a cost-effective way to outsource the software and hardware infrastructure to a datacenter that has the data security, quality processes and disaster recovery that most small and medium businesses can only dream of. Your data is safe and secure.

Adagio in the Cloud is priced for cost-conscious businesses. There is a set fee per user, per month. When you first activate your Software as a Service, there is a one-time database initialization fee. This means that the cost of entry is low. From a budgeting stand-point, it is affordable and predictable from year to year. You may terminate the service at any time (some penalties may apply). Adagio in the Cloud is a convenient and affordable alternative to running your accounting system on a local or wide area network.