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Financial Suite

Adagio by Softrak is a modular, batch-oriented, and powerful accounting software system. Adagio offers full departmental accounting that is easy to learn, with form and keyboard-oriented data entry, tight audit trails and unsurpassed flexibility with reports. The comprehensive Financial Suite consists of Adagio Ledger, Receivables, Payables, optional EFT add-on, Invoices, and BankRec.

Adagio BankRec
Adagio BankRec provides a centralized module to manage your cash position. Find out your current bank balances with a single mouse click. Pick up transactions from Adagio Payables and send cash receipts to Adagio Receivables.
Adagio Invoices
in Adagio Invoices combines flexible formatting like unlimited line items and lengthy descriptions with Windows power and ease of use.
Adagio Ledger
Adagio Ledger provides a complete General Ledger for your business. Batch transaction management ensures only balanced entries are posted to your ledger. The Financial Reporter is included in the Adagio Ledger module
Adagio Payables
Adagio Payables provides complete accounts payable management for your business. Track amounts owed to vendors, improve cash flow by maximizing early payment discounts and speed check production.
Adagio Receivables
Adagio Receivables integrates with Softrak's Adagio OrderEntry, Adagio Invoices and/or Time&Billing to provide complete receivables management for your business whether you bill time or sell products.

Adagio By Softrak

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