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Hospitality Suite

The Adagio Hospitality Suite combines several powerful products into one easy-to-use package to manage all your hospitality needs.

Smart Hotel Software

The Smart Hotel Software package is a full-featured Hotel Property Management System for single or multiple lodging properties. Manage reservations, deposits, check ins, check outs, guest folios, payments, sales & audit reports, housekeeping, maintenance and yield management. Hoteliers will find Smart Hotel Software a flexible, affordable and reliable solution for front desk, room and guest management.

Generate repeat business by creating lists of target markets through combinations of guest history and list building tools. Capture reservations in real-time on your website, resulting in reduced time and errors associated with pen and paper reservation systems. The Smart Hotel Software Suite integrates with pay movie control, room and door keycard systems, golf tee time management, spa and holistic wellness packages, and much more.

PayDirt Payroll

The payroll needs of hotels, resorts, golf clubs, restaurants, and other hospitality operators are complex. Hospitality operators need to know exactly how the all-important labour component of expenses affects profitability in each area of their operations.

PayDirt Payroll replaces traditional spreadsheet \"work arounds\" and provides a complete cost breakdown of all expenses automatically, including wages, benefits (including accrual expenses), CPP expenses, EI expenses, WCB expenses, and all other payroll-related expenses for each department, while significantly reducing the office's payroll workload.

PayDirt Payroll lets hospitality companies easily calculate their payroll and generate the desired accounting breakdowns without any additional work. Using PayDirt Payroll ensures the work is done right and only done once, saving time and money while providing the cost accounting information for better analysis and decision-making.

Adagio Ledger
Adagio Ledger provides a complete General Ledger for your business. Batch transaction management ensures only balanced entries are posted to your ledger. The Financial Reporter is included in the Adagio Ledger module
Adagio Payables
Adagio Payables provides complete accounts payable management for your business. Track amounts owed to vendors, improve cash flow by maximizing early payment discounts and speed check production.
Adagio Receivables
Adagio Receivables integrates with Softrak's Adagio OrderEntry, Adagio Invoices and/or Time&Billing to provide complete receivables management for your business whether you bill time or sell products.

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